About us

We are textile designer, manufacturer, and pioneer.

What we do?

We specialize in creating a specific fabric that not only solves our clients’ problem but also creates greater value for our client’s business.

Although designing fabrics for fashion industry is our strength, we are also running productions on Sport & Leisure wear.

why us?

With more than 30 years immersing ourselves in this field, and being well connected and partnered with the most marinated and experienced factories from Textile industry in Taiwan, LianGuang is fully capable of providing one-stop-shop service that eases all your sourcing problems and improves your sourcing experience.

We even source yarn and dye chemicals ourselves which not only allows us to control the quality per se, but also obtain the abilities to do R&D on new projects.

Other than those mentioned above, we also care about our environment and sustainability more than others, one of our corporate missions is to reduce waste and pollution to the lowest degree as possible, making sure that our next generation will still be drinking pure water and breathing clean air.

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