In the " Less than 100gsm " fabric collection, we focus more in qualities for women. These fabrics are all made by warp knit machines using power net structure to make it more transparent, texture friendly, meanwhile in vogue. We offer dyed type which can be used for inner lining, or printed types to add different flavor and taste to your brand style.

We are pretty innovative in making cutting-edge and modern printing patterns, if you are women’s apparel brand, you definitely don’t want to miss it.

" Between 100-200gsm " collections are mainly manufactured by weft knit, and they can be used for all genders. Our highlighted fabrics are Jacquard LM series, and their dyed color and patterns can all be adjusted. Make sure to check them out, and see what we bring to the table.

In the collection of " More than 200gsm “, we are targeting at winter season garment fabrics that keep you warm during the harsh weather.

Feel free to check to see what we have available.

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