Product Overview

we are about to launch more functional fabrics in the future, especially those to be worn in active and leisure activities, using the right structure and state-of-the-art yarn or even special treatment to maximize its performance and take the “wearing experience" to the next level, so stay tuned to find out more.

We offer fabrics for Fashion in different weight rang, knit types, and print patterns, so designers will have more choices and ideas to bring out the best of their creativities. The option to customize your own fabrics is always on the list, simply contact us for further development.

Bonding two different fabrics together allows the new fabric to have features and functions of both materials, and it can then be used for many purposes.

Quality tricot fabrics dyed in fluorescent yellow or orange especially for high-visibility workwear are also what we are good at, fabrics are prepared to pass ISO EN 20471 standard.

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